How to Save Christmas from Lockdown

To display your tips on how to save Christmas 2021 from lockdown please post them on our Help Save Christmas page.

Tips on How to Save Christmas 2021

  • Get booster to save Christmas – Keep the sharp rise in German infections at bay
  • Where a mask in public – It may not be mandatory but is it really that difficult?
  • Keep your distance – We all kept a 2m distance from strangers in the early days, surely we can do that again for a few weeks if it means saving Christmas from lockdown.
  • Test yourself regularly -Even if you don’t normally ware a mask or keep your distance, if you do take a test and are found to be positive please consider isolating, mask wearing and social distancing.
  • Wash your hands – We seem to have forgotten the initial messages, washing your hands well is just common sense even if there wasn’t a pandemic

Christmas 2021

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